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The Electric Current

From critical inquiry to the stage, The Electric Current was a theatrical investigation to challenge the representations of gender and sexuality in theatre. The study of these problematic identities developed into a devised performance as part of my independent study at The College of Wooster.

Performance were held February 8 - 10, 2011 at the Shoolroy Theatre on The College of Wooster Campus.

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Dance in the Gallery

Based on a study of Andy Warhol’s polaroids, “Dance in the Gallery” is a modern dance performance produced with other choreographers explore the boundaries of time, fame, and energy embedded in a photo. Performances were held in April 28 - 29, 2010 at The College of Wooster Art Museum.

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Media Design

With everything I create, I follow one simple mantra: keep it simple, profound and delightful for the audience. To stand out from a crowded and noisy world, I develop creative materials that are different and fascinating from the rest.

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Snap. Edit. Colorize. Present.

I find art every day in the moments I capture with my photos, and I get closer to the human condition by lifting out the noise and replacing it with thoughtful and inspiring edits.

My interest is in a variety of subject matters that are designed to delight eyes and provoke minds to look at our world through a different lens.

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