Midnight Men
Established in October 2019, the mission of the Midnight Men Dance Company is to provide a space for men to explore how can enable them be their fully + radically authentic selves. The primary style performed by the per assignment company is modern power pop, a movement technique that grabs the accents musically communicated through songs to deliver a unique and striking experience of emotional motion.

Premiere Work
"Midnight Men - Dance with Identity"

A dance performance choreographed by George Myatt, with contributions from David Lawler and Mattheus Lubin. Originally showed in October 2019 at Indra's Awarehouse.

One man struggles to handle the conflicting energies inside his identity: masculinity and femininity. With the two forces at war with each other, he must decide how he can bring peace and balance to his identity, along with healing his core wounds. Or else, he’ll be doomed and out of balance for the rest of his life.

This modern dance piece explores how men are in conflict with their identities when masculine and feminine energies are kept separate from each other. By placing divine feminine energy in harmony with sacred and ancient masculine energy through movement, the piece proudly displays the possibilities of how the world can see men uplift and help one another in a way that is healthy and meaningful.

Video of the Performance - watch it here.

Photos by Joseph Sanchez (@joeluckyonline)

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Uplifing the spirit of sacred masculine enegry