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What we write is recorded into history, providing us a connection to the past to inspire readers forever. Every word I compose is taken into special consideration to give that piece the style and life that it deserves. As there are many different forms of writing, my style is based in a journalistic approach by presenting the facts backed up by careful analysis. Depending upon the subject I am writing about, elements of the style change to give the story a unique personality that will continuously entice any reader.

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The Studio AE: Arts and Entertainment Blog
Update: Relaunch in progress! New content and layout coming Spring 2018.

Launched in 2012, The Studio AE is a news magazine styled blog featuring stories that cover an array of topics and events in the world of art and entertainment. With reviews, investigations, featured artist spotlights, deep discussions, opinion based articles and more, the blog helps push out our conventional thinking of what is art and entertainment to allow us to think about how it is a critical part of our lives.

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The Wooster Voice
At The Wooster Voice (The College of Wooster), George wrote stories, reviews, and commentary/opinion pieces (created for “The Scene” series) for the Arts & Entertainment section as well as other sections for the publication. The following stories are samples of his written work covering visual and performing arts events on and off campus.

All stories republished with permission from The Wooster Voice. Additional samples of written work available upon request.

The Scene: Balance A with E
Thursday, May 5, 2011
With exams quickly approaching, it can only mean one thing: the bright and sunny days of summer are about to come. The arrival of this hot and relaxing season is commonly marked by the nation-wide release of action-packed films in movie theaters. So what can you expect to see playing at your local……Read more…

What’s the Rumor? Effie’s Players delivers a slap-stick performance with Rumors
Thursday, April 28, 2011
Have you ever attended an awkward dinner party you were invited to that turned into a night of high laughs and mystery? Put your “Clue” cards away; Neil Simon’s romp-fest comedy Rumors puts the game to shame. Effie’s Players, a student theatre organization at the College, delivered a comedic weekend……Read more…

The Scene: Art & Activism Come Together
Friday, February 11, 2011
The definition of an activist is not easy to write, but the image of one is easier to visualize. We commonly see these people plastered over the television advocating and scream- ing for human rights, equal representation, recognition of a cause or preservation of the environment. But how often are……Read more…

For Colored Girls evokes powerful stories
Thursday, November 11, 2010
The most popular kind of films that Americans love to experience in theaters usually include comedic romp-fests such as The Hangover or action-adventure films that continue to further push the boundaries of visual effects and camera tricks, like Avatar.

Many forget, though, that filmmaking is an art……Read more…

IngenuityFest provides opportunities for artists
Friday, October 1, 2010
It’s always a challenge for artists to find the best venue to showcase their latest work, whether it is a musical performance, a play, a dance piece, paintings or photographs. This past weekend, IngenuityFest: The Cleveland Festival of Art and Technology, became the hosting venue for a number of……Read more…